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Fun, Creativity & Learning

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Like many schools inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, Gan Yeladim has a special space called the Atelier, an art studio, which allows children to explore, create, invent and research, with the guidance of our Atelierista Beth Starger

The Atelier is always open for creative expression with classroom teachers, too. 



Joanna May studied voice, theater and literature at Indiana University and received a Vermont teaching license and Master's degree in Integrating the Arts into Education from St. Michael's College. 2019-20 marks Joanna's 8th year as a center director/teacher of Music Together®. Joanna teaches preschool music classes at The Schoolhouse, Gan Yeladim, and the Heartworks Burlington, Essex, Williston & Shelburne schools, as well as family classes in Richmond and Burlington.  Joanna has also been a singer/facilitator with the Noyana Singers for 12 years, bringing music to community members on hopsice and their families.
Joanna is the mom of 2 teenagers (ages 15 & 17) who introduce her to a wide variety of new music daily!


New Village Farm

Preschoolers and Pre-Ks journey once per week to "New Village Farm" in Shelburne where they are active participants in a vibrant, working farm.  You might see Gan children hauling hay for the goats, transporting turkey poults to a new enclosure, milking, harvesting vegetables or gathering eggs during their morning at the farm.  Children are respected as capable and competent and the expectations of the farmers at New Village reflect this. .

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Hebrew Language

Every child at Gan participates in an immersive Hebrew language module, emphasizing conversational Hebrew through songs, books, and games.   Babies, Waddlers, and Toddies spend their Hebrew time playing, conversing, singing and reading in Hebrew.  Preschools and Pre-Ks are invited to gain a working familiarity with the Aleph Bet (Hebrew alphabet) as well as engaging with puzzles, books, songs and games-all in Hebrew. 
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