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Gan Yeladim Director


Lisa Rosen Ryan is the Gan Yeladim Director. She is beginning her 19th year at Gan. Lisa has a B.S. in Early Childhood Development from UVM and has enjoyed over 40 years of working with young children and their families.

Lisa lives in Burlington with her husband, Dan, yellow Labrador Jameson and 2 out of her 3 sons who live at home because they enjoy the amenities. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys traveling, cooking for crowds, reading trashy mysteries and home improvement!

Baby Room Teachers

Waddler Teachers


Hi, my name is Sam Fried. This will be my first year at Gan. I am originally from New York City. Vermont has always been a second home to me because my family would bring my sister and I up to Lake Dunmore since we were babies. When it came down to go to college it was an easy choice to come to Vermont to study Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education at the University of Vermont. I have been up here since 2010 and haven’t left since. During my college experience I met my husband Matt. I am also wrapping up my master’s at Champlain College in Early Childhood. What I do in my spare time with my husband is listen to him play music, swim, be outside, eat and cook lots of food, go on adventures and we love talking sports, especially basketball and baseball. We are big Golden State Warrior and Yankee fans (yes, we know we are in Boston Territory).



This is Patty's second year at Gan Yeladim. She comes to us with an extensive amount of teaching experience at the early childhood/ elementary level in addition to holding advanced degrees in the education field. In her spare time, Patty enjoys taking nature walks with her dog Buddy as well as visiting with her son & daughter.


Jenna will be starting her second year at Gan as the Waddler co-teacher this year. She graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education in 2014 from the University of Vermont and has lived in the area ever since. Jenna loves animals, chocolate, and the beach. Her identical twin sister Jordan and her older sister Chelsea are very important to her. You will always find Jenna with a smile on her face! 


This is Sofia’s second year at Gan Yeladim, and she's thrilled to spend her days adventuring with the Waddler Class! Originally from Boston, MA, Sofia fell in love with Vermont while studying education and geography at Middlebury College. Since graduating from university, she has worked in outdoor education in Boston, in the Adirondacks, and in New Zealand. Sofia spends most of her time covered in dirt — climbing, hiking, gardening, and doing pottery — ideally with a maple creemee in hand.

Toddler Teacher


Alix is in her third year at Gan Yeladim. When she is not teaching, she enjoys yoga, traveling and playing in the woods. She is looking forward to a successful year with the toddie class!








Julia is beginning her third year of working with young children in a classroom setting. She grew up in Burlington, Vermont and spent 7 years living in California. In her free time, Julia enjoys traveling, yoga, dancing, hula hooping, hiking, and spending time with her miniature dachshund Tiny. She is so excited to be a part of the Gan community once again!

Preschool Teachers


Barb Roscoe is beginning her fifth year at Gan Yeladim working as a Preschool teacher. Barb grew up in Bristol, Vermont. She graduated from University of New England with an Environmental Science degree with a focus on wildlife. In her spare time, she enjoys working with rehabilitating birds of prey, hiking, live music, and playing outdoors! She is the loving mother of a golden retriever Sandy and two birds Simon and Bodhi. Barb is looking forward to spending the year exploring the curiosities and building a community with the Preschool class this year! 

Pre-K and Kindergarten Teacher









Andrea Wilson has been in the early childhood field for over 6 years. Andrea graduated from the University of Vermont in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a minor in anthropology. Andrea has a passion for teaching young children and loves the fact that she is impacting their lives each and every day. When Andrea is not in the classroom, she loves to cook for her friends and family, garden,
and be outdoors



Beth Starger is starting her second year as the Gan Yeladim Atelieista. She is an artist who specializes in a myriad of different mediums. She uses art as a door between emotion and expression, and loves to guide children as to how to unlock their own passion using all the languages of expression. These languages can include painting, singing, building, dancing, drawing; the possibilities are limitless.

Beth was a preschool teacher at Gan for five years. Along side being the Atelieista she is also an activities specialist at a nursing home, a privet art instructor, and a commissioned painter. She has a BA from Hampshire Collage in Literary Journalism and Photography, with a minor in Psychology. She lives in Burlington with her two daughters, Addy and Tully, and her husband Dan.


Stacy Crosby is beginning her 9th year at Gan Yeladim.  This is her first year as the Preschool teacher, working with many children that she had as babies and waddlers.  She graduated from the University of Vermont in 2005 where she majored in animal science.  Stacy grew up in Colchester and currently resides in Milton with her partner Jacques and their son Ottis. She is proud that Ottis is also part of our Gan family. Stacy has a great interest in homesteading, gardening, swimming, crafting and taking drives around the state. She enjoys sharing her love of animals and the outdoors not only with her family but all those around her.

Classroom Assistant


Hi, I’m Maeve! I was born in 1998 and grew up Hinesburg, a small town not too far from Burlington. I attended a home based preschool and after-school care for over ten years and loved it so much, I kept going back in my teen years just to help out. My hobbies as a kid ranged from dance and gymnastics, to catching frogs and playing video games with my brothers. As I grew up I began to favor playing & creating games of all types with my friends. In 2016 graduated from CVU after shadowing my old provider, and was accepted into UVM as a Psych major. I took classes for two years before I felt burnt out. I loved the content I was learning and the experience I was getting, but it didn’t feel real enough. What has consistently made me happy is being able to interact with and learn from people, especially kids! They have the funniest ideas and I adore watching them learn. With safety and reason in mind, I’ve always let kids play and/to learn in whatever way suits them best. In my experience, the best teacher has always been experience.

Hebrew Immersion Teacher


Shira is excited to begin her first full year at Gan Yeladim. She is originally from Philadelphia, PA and fell in love with Gan and Vermont after visiting and working here last summer. Shira graduated from Bard College as a Psychology and Studio Arts double major. She attended Jewish Day School from elementary through middle school and continued her Hebrew and Jewish studies in college. She is looking forward to teaching Hebrew in all the classrooms and working with children of all ages! In her free time, Shira enjoys artmaking, baking, and circus arts.

Toddler Co-Teacher

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